Tuesday, February 18, 2014

JC Penney Store Closings

Bloomberg had an article regarding JC Penney closures and their impact on CMBS out last week. It noted that JC Penney is the biggest tenant in the CMBS market (is this accurate?) and the move highlights the "widening chasm" between successful malls and dying malls.

CW Capital Auction

We're starting to see results from the CWCapital Auction trickle out in servicer reports and in the news.

In particular:

  1. 119 West 40th Street (GSMS 2007-GG10) - latest file reflects a $171mm sales price (note this reflects the listed proceeds in the monthly report and is higher than the BBG article estimate). Unlike the other loans in this list, this is a loan sale (the others were REO already). It is 106% of outstanding loan balance, a 40% premium over the 9/2012 appraisal,  and resulted in a 30% loss severity.

  2. Two California Plaza (GSMS 2007-GG10) - CIM purchased. No price or estimate available. Largest asset in the sale. BBG noted that part of the transaction included CIM taking over property at the end of 2014 (REO sale). The most recent appraisal was $343mm in 1/2013 vs a $468mm loan balance outstanding. 

  3. Montclair Plaza (WBCMT 2006-C28) - CIM purchased for $170mm, 89% of outstanding balance, 13% over 2/2013 appraisal, 29% estimated loss severity (after accounting for advances, etc.).

  4. Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas (WBCMT 2006-C28) - BBG estimates $150.5mm sales price, 86% of outstanding loan value, 12% premium over the 9/2013 appraisal, 28% estimated loss severity (after accounting for advances, etc.).

As an aside, the BBG article mentioned PCV/ST in the context of the $3.4 billion appraisal from 9/2013, and the increasing likelihood of a disposition in the second half of 2014.