Wednesday, December 3, 2014

just in time for Xmas - another $200MM goes into special

Transaction: JPMC 2007-LDP10Property: Lafayette Property TrustCity/State: Alexandria, VAProperty Type: OfficeBalance: $203,250,000Percentage of Deal: 7.0%Maturity Date: 3/1/2017MS: Midland Loan Services, Inc.SS: C-III Asset Management, LLCReason for Transfer: Imminent Monetary Default

Of course, the ratings agencies and issuers would have you think that legacy CMBS are behaving just peachy, with delinquency rates below  6%.  Let me ask you this: if a loan has had an A//B note modification, and as is typical the B note pays nothing, isn't that loan partly delinquent?  I would say so, because the trust is not receiving its contracted cashflow from that loan.  But, they don't want to include B-notes in their delinquency numbers because that would just be "bad news"