Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Someone, somewhere else, asked about how much REIT debt is in CMBS deals...

These are based on the best data I had available from various third parties and Bloomberg data


Lee said...

This is great. I've been trying to find this data for quite a while. May I ask where you found this info on Bloomberg? Also which 3rd party reports did you reference? (e.g. i-banks' research or others). Thank you!

Dark Space said...

Yeah, BOA and DB have both published some data, but mostly you have to dig pretty deep. It took a long time to get it clean enough to do that kind of analysis - i.e. there is no canned report out of Bloomberg, Intex, or Trepp that shows which REITs have what CMBS debt. In fact, if you just look up a property in, say, Bloomberg, you can see the CMBS loan on it, but you typically can't see who the sponsor is. It is very frustrating.

I posted more on the subject too:

Feel free to email me directly if you're looking for something specific.