Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Former Kemsley buildings trade

NYPost reports that

Invesco has stepped up to the plate to win 100 Fifth Ave. for $93.5 million, while 183 Madison is going to Peter Armstrong's Rigby Asset Management with his partner, the Argentinean fund IRSA, for $75 million.

Pricing for 183 Madison on the southeast corner of 34th Street came in at $305 for 246,000 feet, while 100 Fifth's 258,000 square feet in the Union Square area ratcheted a bit higher at $360 a foot.

These are the buildings formerly owned by Paul Kemsley's Rock & HBOS and have been in receivership (PwC) for at least a year. PK also went long Lehman after it went bust and most recently bought the NY Cosmos (soccer).

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