Monday, July 25, 2011

Comings and Goings

It really was busy the last couple of weeks with several new issues rolling out, and at least two (WFRBS 2011-C4, GSMS 2011-GC4) not being met with complete success.

WFRBS 2011-C4 ($1.4808b)
FREMF 2011-K014 ($1.12b - IOs and Bs offered)
City Center 2011-CCHP ($425mm)
GNR 2011-109 ($340mm)
WFDB 2011-BXR ($1b)
FNA 2011-M4 (501mm)
GSMS 2011-GC4 ($1.476b)

GG10s are roughly flat since a week ago, but they were 10 bps wider and 5-6 bps tighter intraweek. 




crabsofsteel said...

BBBs with 3.75% of loss protection are back, not to mention dual-flavored AAAs, thanks to S&P!

crabsofsteel said...

GC4 gets pulled ... S&P show they had some cojones after all.