Monday, February 6, 2012

Delhaize Closures (aka Food Lion, Bloom and Bottom Dollar)

The WSJ reported nearly 3 weeks ago that Delhaize was closing stores, and made a great little list (see link), which I fully intended to go through and match up to grocery-anchored strip centers in CMBS deals. Also, the folks over at CRE Console put together a nice little map.

Life got in the way of my plans and I never got around to it. If you have a good CMBS exposure list, please send it over and I will append my quick cursory search results below. PLEASE NOTE that the results below are only matched on city name and partial street address match - so, if their list says the city is New York, and the loan file says Brooklyn, then it's not include. Also, if the both places list New York but one says 123 Apple Street NW and the other says 123 Apple Street SE, then it is erroneously considered a match here.

I retrieved 10 potential matches on the first run out of a total of 590 CMBS properties with Delhaize, Food Lion, Bloom, or Bottom Dollar in the name.

Property Name Deal
Weaverville Plaza NASC 1998-D6
Belle Station BSCMS 2002-PBW1
Northwest Commons Shopping Center JPMCC 2002-CIB4
DeBarry Place Shopping Center JPMCC 2004-C1
Lanier Commons Shopping Center SBM7 2001-C1
Anchor Plaza CGCMT 2005-C3
Cloud Springs Plaza MLCFC 2006-1
Ashburn Town Center (A) MSC 2004-IQ7
Ashburn Town Center (B) MSC 2004-IQ7
Eisenhower Square WFDB 2011-BXR


CMBSer said...

It's a one-off, but I know that Fairfield Square (Winnsboro, SC) in HCC 2006-1 is losing its Food Lion.

The Food Lion is the anchor @ 33% of GLA. The loan is already in Special - the loss of the Food Lion adds insault to injury.

CMBSer said...

Er, insult.

Anonymous said...

Credit Suisse had an exposure list (Jan 19th) but not sure how to copy it here.

Concrete Jungle said...

If you were to email it to it might find its way on here, anonymously of course.