Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best Bye Bye

More talk about Best Buy today:

  1. RetailTraffic Blog's Elaine Misonzhnik examines how unlikely a buy out is. You should click through - we're big fans of her over here.
  2. The WSJ article is patently absurd and suggests that it will be problematic hiring a CEO because the majority stockholder and founder remains as Chairman and keeps a tightened grip on the company. That is exactly what we need to change with CEOs (and Presidents) in this country, ones that do what the majority owners want them to do and they need to be able to share power with other executives. If I wasn't stealing access to the WSJ, I'd probably cancel my subscription over such hogwash. However, given my grey market access, I shall not complain too loudly and will likely continue reading it if is so that I may act defiantly stunned at their frequent misconception of the issues!

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