Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Brief Introduction from Jingle Male

My Fellow Americans,

It is an honor to be able to contribute to The CRE Review.  I look forward to helping this fine blog and its readership stay abreast of what's going on in real-estate.

If you need to reach me: creJingleMale@gmail.com

Now let's get back to business.  Here is what has been going in this sphere recently:
  1. Demand for Commercial Real Estate Loans is on the Rise - SoberLook
    1. According to JPMorgan, interest-only loans (equivalent to "balloon" mortgage) are on the rise and average loan coupon has been declining.
  2. Wall Street Sees Promise in Multifamily Loans - WSJ Developments
    1. “Multifamily loans lead the pack in terms of how aggressive the lenders will get” within commercial real estate, said Christopher Haynes...
  3. Germany to Sell Real Estate to Lone Star for $1.4 Billion - Bloomberg
    1. It’s the country’s biggest commercial-property deal of the year.
  4.  Blackstone, Ranieri Betting on Bad FHA Loans: Mortgages - Bloomberg
    1.  The FHA’s recent auction had 13 loan pools that sold for 24.8 cents to 59.3 cents per dollar of unpaid principal balance. The sales prevented $1 billion in fiscal 2013 losses for the agency’s insurance fund, Galante said 
  5. Starwood Books Upgrade as Hotel Demand Slows: Corporate Finance - Bloomberg
    1. The company plans to generate 65 percent of its earnings from fees, Chief Executive Officer Frits van Paasschen said on an Oct. 25 conference call. 

 - Jingle Male


crabsofsteel said...

dear jingle,

just in time for the holidays! so should I be loading up on 2007 AJs? (mmmph)


Jingle Male said...


2007 AJs? I like where your heads at. I know a few widows and orphans out in Ohio that could use them as stocking stuffers.


crabsofsteel said...

wouldn't you pay $40 for CMSC 2007-C1? Someone just did. I guess they didn't figure on most of their interest getting cut off two weeks later.

Dark Space said...

It was probably the desk at Credit Suisse...

crabsofsteel said...

I used to work for the head of their desk. I think they are smarter than that.