Tuesday, March 17, 2015

JPMCC 06-CB16: ooof!!!

Oy vey, Menashe Frankel!  This deal is already shorting to the AJ.

Transaction: JPMC 2006-CIBC16
Property: REPM Portfolio
City/State: multiple cities
Property Type: Industrial 
Balance: $83,264,586
Percentage of Deal: 5.62%
Maturity Date: June 1, 2016
MS: Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
SS: C-III Asset Management LLC
Reason for Transfer: Potential/Imminent Default
On Servicer Watchlist Prior to Transfer: Yes
Previously in Special Servicing: Yes
Previously Modified: Yes


reitspot said...

What is up w the formatting in your posts these days? Can you see the maturity date in your post? I see a white bar

Concrete Jungle said...

Yeah, I had the same problem. Not every post, but 4 of the last 5.

crabsofsteel said...

Yeah, sorry, it's a copy and paste issue I have not yet figured out. But thanks for mentioning it!