Tuesday, July 28, 2015

JPMCC 2005-LDP5: 4.2% goes back to the special for another try

Transaction: JPMC 2005-LDP5
Property: Atlantic Development Portfolio
City/State: Various Cities, NJ
Property Type:  Office
Balance: $80,313,911
Percentage of Deal: 4.15%
Maturity Date: December 5, 2015
MS: Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
SS: CWCapital Asset Management
Reason for Transfer: Imminent Monetary Default
On Servicer Watchlist Prior to Transfer: Yes; 7/11/11
Previously in Special Servicing: No
Previously Modified: Yes

The subject loan consists of five office buildings and three industrial complex with a total of 890,218 sf built in 1979, 1987,1981,2000, 1987, 1986, and 1985 respectively located in Warren and Somerset, NJ.          04/13/2015  Per borrower reports, occupancy as of 02/17/2015 was at 72%.  Occupancy decreased by 2% when compared with 09/30/2014 rent roll.      12/11/2014  Per borrower reports, occupancy as of 09/30/2014 was at 74%.        11/12/2014  The borrower has been contacted for property performance updates.          09/11/2014  The 2Q 2014 financials have been received.  The borrower will be contacted for property performance and leasing updates.          08/13/2014  This loan consists of seven properties, the consolidated DSCR as of 03/31/2014 was at 1.03.  Property # 1 The DSCR per the 03/31/2014 analysis was at 1.79 and was inline when compared with 03/31/2013 analysis DSCR which was at 1.74.  No major variances were observed within the line items.

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