Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BACM 2006-3: vying for worst 2006 deal ever, 8th top loan = 4.5% transfers to special

Transaction: BACM 2006-3
Property:  Phoenix Airport Marriott        
City/State: Phoenix, AZ
Property Type: Hotel
Balance: $61,879,269
Percentage of Deal: 4.46%
Maturity Date: June 1, 2016
MS: Berkdia Commercial Mortgage
SS: CWCapital Asset Management
Reason for Transfer: Imminent Default
On Servicer Watchlist Prior to Transfer: Yes; 2/4/15
Previously in Special Servicing: Yes
Previously Modified: No

CMBS aficionados will recall this as the Boscov's deal, where a bunch of loans on legacy retail space were liquidated at a massive severity taking out most of the mezzanine bonds.  Interest shortfalls are already reaching the AJ class thanks to an additional A/B note modification, and now this.  Feh!

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crabsofsteel said...

Even better, the trustee remittance report for this deal came out today, with no mention of this loan having been transferred to the special servicer. Fine work all around!