Thursday, July 9, 2009

Less Slow

Things got less slow the while I was out of town, but bid lists remain extremely sluggish.

PPIP details released as-advertised. Will include AJs and AMs.

REIS reported MF vacancies at a 22-year high.

Deutsche sold it's last Macklowe legacy asset for $330 (something) a square foot last week.

Deal Junkie highlighted an interesting article on co-tenancy - nothing new here, but just interesting.

Deal Junkie also highlighted an article where Cadwalader is asking lawyers to take a year off ... My favorite yard-hat is the one with Cadwalader on the front, because whichever neighbor walks up to me just keeps staring up at the name trying to figure it out.

Congress just got an earful about the horrible state of CRE from all sorts of folks, including Street analysts. All is lost.

June Retail sales were negative. Retail vacancies hit 10%! BUT Office vacancies win with a 15.9% vacancy rate.

In Miami Florida at the "Big House", Maison Grande filed for bankruptcy. They are a Condo Association (COA).

Duh, RevPAR is down.

Fear not, I'm not switching to a linkfest form, just been away - we'll try to say something more meaningful in the coming days. Spreads rallied today behind all this gleeful news (see, there!).

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