Sunday, September 20, 2009

This week's Calendar...

  1. Monday brings us the short-term Treasury auctions, of which the Fed is expected to account for 50% or more of the demand to prop up the activity! It is also "sleep in very late, get a surprise wake-up from the maid, rush to get the dishes done, and head into work going 90" day.
  2. The auctions continues Tuesday, but we also get some Retail data, which should be useful. The OFHEO index updates are released, but we're not giving them much credence since they change their name to FHFA, which just doesn't roll off the tongue as easily. Tuesday is also "watersports before work day, but really early, and likely very chilly" day.
  3. Wednesday gives us some oil data and a mid-afternoon fomc meeting.
  4. Thursday gets more interesting with the Nat Gas report. It will ultimately be "decision day on our very large, and profitable, natural gas holding" day.
  5. Friday brings new home sales.

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