Monday, October 19, 2009

Coming and Going

We get PPI numbers this week, resi starts/permits/applications, RPX home price indices, home sales, and some other stuff, some of which is interesting, some not.

The Daily Angle throws around some unsourced delinquency stats (see above) on Multifamily.

It's perplexing what counts as quality content these days. Confusing equity with debt, and just generally misquoting and misunderstanding the problems at hand.

I'm going to shoot a lot of guns indoors (at a range), barrel race with a horse, hang out on a farm to pick up some eggs, carve a pumpkin with a kid, make some bad (good) decisions Halloween weekend, flip off a bad driver, turn over eight figures worth of trades (mostly CMBS), visit five different US states, and go to a small island nation (english-speaking) over the next few weeks. It's all in the interest of quality commercial real estate research for both people who read this blog.

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