Friday, October 2, 2009

Watchlist, Delinquent loans stratified by Originator, Special

Just looking at recent vintage watchlists, MSC 2007-HQ12 has an astounding 57.26% of it's collateral on the watchlist (it also carries a 4.61% 90+ day delinquency rate).

The top 10 deals from 2005+ vintages with the highest watchlisted loans are:
MSC 2007-HQ12 57.26%
WBCMT 2007-C30 46.75%
CSMC 2007-C4 45.30%
BACM 2006-6 44.54%
LBUBS 2007-C6 43.40%
CSMC 2007-C1 43.21%
WBCMT 2007-C32 39.83%
WBCMT 2007-C31 39.80%
COMM 2006-C8 38.59%
MSC 2007-IQ13 38.27%

All of these are as of September 2009. Nothing new here, but still just amazingly high numbers of watchlisted loans.

Another interesting strat is to look at the Specials' workloads - LNR is by far the heaviest with 1,129 loans (worth $16.7bln) being specially serviced, and a distant second is Midland with 594 loans ($8.6bln).

If you look at the originators who contributed the most loans that are now delinquent, Column holds a solid lead with 6,159 loans worth $4.3 billion that are currently delinquent. By count, LaSalle (now BoA) comes in second with their small balance deals carrying 4,922 delinquent loans ($2.1 billion), and by size, BoA comes in second with $3.5 billion (3,384) delinquent loans.

Not 100% "stratified" is a word, but I'm going with it.

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