Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CMBS In the News

The WSJ reports on 3 CMBS stories:

Notes the loan is going into a multi-sponsor deal slated for the 2nd quarter.
The owner of the Keystone Summit Corporate Park, private-equity firm Keystone Property Group, recently refinanced the building for $53.5 million, including a $41.5 million first mortgage from Deutsche Bank AG and a $12 million junior loan from Pembrook Capital. What makes this deal stand out is the plan Deutsche Bank has for the first mortgage.

First Ritz to ever default. Ever. Described by a former colleague as 45 minutes into the desert, the middle of nowhere.
The hotel's closure is the latest stumble for the Lake Las Vegas development, which was planned around a manmade lake roughly 15 miles east of the Las Vegas Strip. Developer Transcontinental Corp., led by Ron Boeddeker and Texas tycoons Sid Bass and Lee Bass, began developing the 3,600-acre project in the 1990s to include thousands of upscale homes, three golf courses, a small casino and two resorts. But Transcontinental defaulted on a $540 million loan from lenders led by Credit Suisse and sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the project last year..

Regarding the MBA default on their building, Petrie calls Kempner a dolt:
The worst part of buying "that stupid office building," Mr. Petrie says, was that it led to emergency cost-cutting that forced the MBA to dismiss some "wonderful people" on its staff. Mr. Kempner, who resigned in 2008, says the board approved the purchase unanimously. "It was not my decision," he says. An MBA spokeswoman declined to comment.

I'm not even going to do an outake of this FT story - the reporter did a poor job writing this up - but maybe this is of interest to someone because it has opinions based on a survey of how various markets will perform (including CDOs and CMBS).

Also in the FT, the Beltway Battle, discusses the attempted takeout by Brookfield for CarrAmerica's DC properties, that Tishman has defaulted on. I initially thought the article was talking about the CarrAmerica portfolios in BALL 2006-BIX1 and CGCMT 2006-FL2, but the addresses listed in the article do not match up.


Anonymous said...

Not sure which properties they are talking about. Tishman Speyer DC portfolios in LBUBS 2007-C1 and LBUBS 2007-C2 might be part of it.

i think the properties they mentioned were the ones that were not put into CMBS, and backed the loan.

crabsofsteel said...

It figures that it's Deutsche who thinks that they can be the first to sell a new multi-borrower deal. Don't we just all love CD 07-CD4? COMM 06-C8 is also looking pretty sweet. Oh, but that was then, and this is now, where we have new ratings agencies like Realpoint which we are sure to trust. Right.