Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comings and Goings

Mark Heschmeyer, who I'm a big fan of, has some good highlights in his co-star column.
  • New Freddie deal
  • American Assets Trust raises $563.75mm (looks like they paid 8 points for the money though)
  • Cole RE Investments raises $315mm senior unsecured credit facility via BOA, JP, USBank, and RBS
  • First Potomac raised $100mm in preferred equity
Loans are getting done - again, please see Mark's column for more.
  • Kilroy ($135mm @ 4.27% 7 year, on a SanFran property),
  • ARC acquired and financed Snow View Plaza and Lakeside Plaza,
  • $6mm CTL on a Walgreens in Medford OR (24.6years, amortizing, 6.15%, 88% LTV)
  • $5mm Walgreens in Raleigh NC (10/30, 6.253% coupon, 66.4% LTV)
  • Thomas D Wood secured $4.5mm for a shopping center bank loan at 1mL+335 and a 0% LTV.
  • Thomas D Wood secured $3mm for a shopping center. Fully amortizing with a 15 year term and a 6.25% rate.
In other news, there's a glitch in the housing market in Brooklyn and Queens with sales dropping 29.9% and 41.7%, respectively in the 4th quarter. Prices continued to drop throughout the year as well, down 8.4% citywide - Massey Knakal expects further declines.

At the same time, CRE sales are expected to continue to strengthen in the Manhattan market in CBRE's opinion.


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