Thursday, March 24, 2011

GSMS 2011-GC3 ($1.4bln)

Goldman priced their $1.4bln deal yesterday

Tr Size(mm) M/D WAL Pricing
A1  $          86.00 Aaa/AAA 2.5  S+80
A2  $        399.00 Aaa/AAA 4.81  S+125
A3  $        128.00 Aaa/AAA 7.18  S+140
A4  $        532.01 Aaa/AAA 9.73  S+125
B  $          59.53 Aa3/AA 9.84 S+185
C  $          54.28 A3/A 9.87 S+235
D  $          59.53 Baa3/BBB 9.94 S+300


Ben said...

Can you tell me how I can find the PSAs for this CMBS and the other recent issues? I've tried searching on but haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance for your help, BW

Concrete Jungle said...

Generally you can find the prosup, termsheet, Annexes, and monthly reports on I don't usually see the PSA out there. You can get it from the Trustee, in this case USBank ( You will likely need to attest (in writing many times) that you are an investor or potential potential investor in one of the bonds (so pick a bond to be a potential buyer of!) and you're likely not going to get anywhere with a hotmail email address, so create an email that seems legitimate. The security measures the Trustees have in place are only meant to make it hard for legitimate users and have no impact on someone trying to skirt around the system. I was actually going to be a great guy and post it here for you, but it's not posted out there yet either.

Also, I'd imagine that the docs will be available relatively soon.

Dark Space said...

I have a copy - send me an email to credarkspace at gmail dot com and I'll forward it to you.

crabsofsteel said...

All the recent deals have been done as private placements, so as CJ said deal docs are only made available to parties in the transaction. For public deals, the PSA is posted on as a really large 8-K when the deal closes.