Friday, February 27, 2009

Closures and Layoffs

Sears is closing its store at Eastland Mall in Charlotte NC. The fact that it took so long (just 3 weeks ago, ESL was stating publicly how committed he was to that location) is smear against the company. This mall has disintegrated into an unsafe place responsible for a high level of crime and has no anchors (Sear's was the last), but this disintegration started before the turn of the century and it was in bad shape back then. After losing money for some significant period of time and working with local groups to come up with plans to revive the site, the former owner, Glimcher, bowed out and turned in the keys in 2008.

The comments in the Charlotte Observer story are mildly amusing if you're bored. Commentators call each other racists (the mall is located in predominantly minority part of town) and blame everyone for the Mall's failure (except the owner and manager of the property).
Regardless, it got me looking for other closures, of which I try to keep a close eye on. The list is really growing. David Bodamer has a nice one compiled at the bottom of his article on Sear's closures. However, Mark Herschmeyer has the best weekly update on closures and layoffs at, and I haven't found one that rivals the depth and quality - but let me know if I'm missing a good one.

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