Friday, February 20, 2009

Riverton defaulting

Riverton's foreclosure is today. It seems that the mezz lender (CBRE) is going to take a turn at the helm to see if they can make it profitable after taking out the current equity holder (Stellar).



It's just the most obvious rent-control flip problem on the radar. There are several others I've written about previously. Jeff Bernstein details some of the new rent control laws in the pipeline that are going to further exacerbate the problem for PE landlords playing the deregulation game The game was mostly played in NYC, but also in San Francisco (The owner of Riverton actually has a similar project in SF) and other cities with rent-regulation.

Either way - you know you have problems when 96-year old women (see image from NYTimes to the right) are gathering in the streets protesting with signs disparaging Private Equity - I mean really...

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