Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hot Now! CMBS TALF list for March 2010

BACM 2005-1 A4
BACM 2006-4 A2
BSCMS 2004-T16 A6
BSCMS 2007-PW17 A3
BSCMS 2007-PW18 A2
CGCMT 2008-C7 A3
COMM 2006-C7 A4
CSFB 2005-C1 A4
CSMC 2006-C2 A3
GSMS 2006-GG6 A2
GECMC 2005-C1 A3
GECMC 2005-C4 A4
GCCFC 2005-GG3 A2
GCCFC 2005-GG3 A3
GCCFC 2005-GG5 A2
GCCFC 2005-GG5 A3
JPMCC 2004-CB8 A1A
JPMCC 2005-CB13 A4
JPMCC 2006-CB14 A4
JPMCC 2006-CB15 A4
JPMCC 2006-CB16 A4
JPMCC 2006-LDP8 A2
JPMCC 2006-CB17 A4
JPMCC 2007-CB20 A3
JPMCC 2007-LD12 A2
LBUBS 2008-C1 A2
LBUBS 2005-C2 A4
LBUBS 2006-C1 A4
MLMT 2004-KEY2 A4
MLCFC 2007-8 A3
MSC 2006-HQ10 A4
MSC 2006-IQ12 A4
MSC 2007-IQ13 A3
WBCMT 2005-C20 A7
WBCMT 2007-C32 A2

BACM 2006-5 A4
BSCMS 2006-PW13 A4
BSCMS 2006-T24 A4
BSCMS 2006-PW14 A4
CD 2007-CD4 A3
CWCI 2007-C2 A3
COMM 2006-C8 A4
CSMC 2007-C1 AAB
CSMC 2007-C1 A3
CSMC 2007-C2 AAB
CSMC 2007-C5 A3
JPMCC 2004-LN2 A2
JPMCC 2008-C2 A4
MLCFC 2007-6 A4
MSC 2007-IQ16 A3
WBCMT 2006-C29 A4
WBCMT 2007-C30 APB

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crabsofsteel said...

evidence once more that they are accepting and rejecting bonds randomly. the AABs, ASBs and APBs they rejected are far better credits than last-pays like JPMCC 07-LDP12 A4. They get paid off by amortized principal from 3-7 years, which even if the borrowers default are advanced by the servicer until liquidation/cure.