Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bloomberg Radio Sucks

It's 50% advertisements (on Sirius/XM no less), 25% sports, 10% weather, and like 15% news - on a good day. I'd pay twice as much for one channel that was 100% news with a business slant - I thought that was their business model?!?

On a bad day, starting today at 2pm ET in fact, they're switching to 100% sports - golf no less. I'm not a golfer, so I'm biased - the last time I played was on the gulf coast in the 90s and I really enjoyed the cute girl who brought me beers, but that was it. That being said - HOW does one enjoy a good game of golf over the radio?

I spend more each month to receive Bloomberg information than any other news-like service, from various inputs including their desktop software, radio, and DirecTv for the office TV. I spend more on them than a lot of Americans take home in salary each month, and they deliver me Golf? Further, they no longer hire cute sales reps to deliver the message (much less a beer) - for whatever reason our Bloomberg sales reps are now just a rotating door of young guys fresh out of college. Something's got to give - bring back the old sales rep hiring model, get rid of golf and the deluge of book advertising on my f'in business news radio that I pay hard dollars for, or I'm going to quit paying so much to your firm!

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