Thursday, April 15, 2010

SLG buys 600 Lex for $636 psf, $193mm

From BBG
In connection with the acquisition, SL Green will assume $49.85 million of in-place financing. The 5.74% interest-only loan matures in March 2014.

Pretty sure that's not a CMBS loan. Not sure whose it is.


R said...

how did you check? Trepp?

Dark Space said...

I used Bloomberg's PLKU function.

But, the google service on the interwebs tells me it is Prudential, by way of Cigna. Search this document for "600 Lex" and you'll see it.

I believe Pru bought Cigna's entire business line that same year, which is why this later report intermixes their names - but don't hold me to that statement.

C said...

I believe it is part of a crossed loan portfolio, might be a bofa securitization