Monday, June 21, 2010

Running Aground

The BOAT (aka One Bryan Park, Bank of America Tower) debt is finally being marked by BAML and JPM as a $650mm 10-year pass-through. They'll also issue a $650mm 2010 Liberty Revenue Refunding Bond split into a $351.6mm Class 1, $87.1mm Class 2, and a $211.3mm Class 3.

It's structured as an ARD, and refinances the existing debt + $25mm that's being used for "general corporate purposes (but don't focus on that, just trust us)"


Concrete Jungle said...

guidance +155a

Concrete Jungle said...

pxd +150.

Dark Space said...


Concrete Jungle said...

Previous comment corresponded to Liberty bond pricing.

Today, secondary market is 135/132.