Tuesday, June 29, 2010

757 Third Ave - LBUBS 2004-C8

Moved to special servicing. There was a write-up on Bloomberg (no link, sorry), but unclear what's going on here. The 1Q 2010 DSCR was 2.22x with a 42% OLTV. There could be Mezz on the property, but even then, take the OLTV to 100% at the same coupon, it still, almost, cash flows. It's structured as an ARD, so soft maturity at 8/11/2014...

Something is fishy about this one. I suspect either the reported numbers are wrong, or the sponsor is attempting a losing battle at the special.

Let's sit back and watch.

Holding owned (in part or whole) by the same sponsor (RFR):
Grammercy Park Hotel
Lever House
40 Bond Street
Seagram Building

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Anonymous said...

looks like:
70mm orig trust (66mm cur) + 60mm b note + another 10mm mezz.