Wednesday, June 16, 2010

US Airways - Liars

Everything else aside, it's just awesome when your flight gets delayed and you miss dinner and end up home after midnight.

But, US Airways repeatedly assured all the passengers last night that the flight was delayed due to weather, and many passengers who missed their late night connections had to pony up for a hotel room or sleep in a chair at the airport - what they don't know, is that the passengers who did get on the late flight heard the following "This is the captain folks, I apologize for the delay but we had a mechanical failure and had to swap out planes..."

So, the 10 mile visibility, 0 precipitation, 64 degree average weather, and 5 mph NE, at the time of the incident must have caused a substantial and previously undocumented mechanical failure. If weather like that is causing delays, and apparently mechanical failures, then we need to ground all flights immediately.

/end sarcasm

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