Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canyon Park - CarrAmerica Portfolios A & B

Reggie Middleton has a piece about commercial real estate on Zerohedge today, and there is a short snippet about Canyon Park that includes a PDF with pictures of the empty building (and the photographer on his bike in a few shots ;). At least some of the buildings inside Canyon Park are in the CarrAmerica Portfolios in CGCMT 2006-FL2 with a fully extended maturity date of 8/9/2011 , and one of them (Nexus - Canyon Park Laboratory -- LBUBS 2001-C3) has a 12/11/2010 ARD date.

Note the B note on the CarrAmerica loan serves as collateral in the CAN1, CAN2, and CAN3 rake legs on CGCMT 2006-Fl2.

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