Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blackstone's Property Deals

The WSJ summarizes Blackstone deals this year

  • Blackstone and Glimcher buying Pearlridge Center on Oahu for $242mm from Northwestern Mutual
  • Blackstone bought 60% stake in Glimcher's Lloyd Center (Portland) and Westshore Plaza (Tampa) in March for $60mm + debt assumption -- see here-both serve as collateral in 4 2003 deals.
  • Caruso Affiliated & TPG Capital paid $750mm for retail and mixed-use out West
  • Blackstone is buying an 80% stake in 17mm sq ft of warehouse space for $105mm + debt from an Eaton Vance Fund. Prologis is the joint owner and will keep its 20% stake.
  • Blackstone closing this week on a $500mm purchase of a portion of GGP, this week.

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