Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Savoy Park (CSMC 2007-C1) $210mm Seeks Refi

Another deal brought to you by a jv between Apollo (AREA) and Vantage Partners... Anyway, this is another rent control story in NY. Bought it for $175mm, leveraged it up to $367.5mm with $210mm in CSMC 2007-C1, and the $157.5 remainder in B-notes and mezz.

Without even looking, you can guess that this loan is with the special, but just so you know, it's not covering with a 0.49x DSCR (NCF; senior debt) at 97% occupancy. There is a healthy reserve, but even the Realpoint spokesperson quoted in the story in yesterday's WSJ notes that it should last "about another two months".

It's due 1/11/2014


crabsofsteel said...

Coming soon to your screens from the same sponsors are the $70MM Broadway Portfolio (0.43x DSCR) and the $31MM Esquire Portfolio (0.36x DSCR). Savoy Park isn't the only bad loan in its deal, by far ... 35% of the pool is with the special and the deal is only 3 years old. Quel tas de merde!

Anonymous said...

and the sponsors on those two are... wait for it... the same guys!