Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Box Sporting Goods in NYC

Customers around NYC cheered as they will soon have access to big box stores carrying hiking packs and tents, in addition to the more useful kayaks, bows, and arrows. One customer, pictured above in Central Park, has started training his mongrel dog to chase rabbits and squirrels in anticipation of what he hopes will be a movement back to the old days where he can live off the [Central Park]-land.

TrafficCourt reports.
Following the lead of rival REI, sports equipment seller Dick’s Sporting Goods would like to open a store in the Big Apple. The Real Deal reports the retailer is seriously considering locations at 1333 Broadway, in the Herald Square area, and at 3 Columbus Circle, the building that made news in 2011 with one of the biggest office leases of the year.

"Herald Square" area could include a few locations such as: Herald Center (BACM 2006-3), the Macy's building, the Victoria's Secret space... I haven't been over there recently to see where vacancies are.

And Misonzhnik has updated her profile picture up there from "the girl who holds the world in a paper cup" theme (which is what I secretly fell in love with) to a new "pale with bold lipstick and I'm going to treat you like the naughty boy you are" theme (which is growing on me). It also has a slight asian flavor to it now. Maybe I'm reading too much into it here, but I'm pretty sure she is sending me a message...

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