Monday, March 26, 2012

Mazzei goes to Ladder

In case you don't know where you stand in the food chain, Mazzei got his own article when he left BAML that also includes a brief mention of McNiff, a few other people are named in a random blog and a Bloomberg article a week ago, and the rest of you didn't even get honorable mention (you're in good company though.).

Might I recommend you touch base with Bristol Consulting in your job search. This is not a paid advertisement, they're just good at what they do.


crabsofsteel said...

Mazzei put Lehman, then Barclays, on the map. One has to wonder about what at B of A made him or forced him to leave.

Concrete Jungle said...

His 2-year agreement with BAML had probably expired a few months ago, BAML kind of sucks, and his bonus probably just cleared the bank - so I'm guessing once he realized there was no hope for anyone to do anything at that behemoth anymore, he started looking for an exit.