Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spreads "SLASHED" due to high investor demand.

WSJ headline writers must keep a little book of crazy but eye-catching adjectives:

The dealer slashed yield spread premiums on bonds just below the safest tier of debt, a sign that investors are growing comfortable enough with the economic and real estate recovery to take slightly greater risks. Such bonds have also lagged a rally in CMBS this year, enhancing their attraction relative to top-tier debt, according to Roger Lehman, a strategist at Credit Suisse.

Tranche Rating (F/M) Size ($mm) C/E WAL Talk Final Guidance
A-1 AAA/Aaa 48.958 30.00% 2.29 S+65 S+55
A-2 AAA/Aaa 77.841 30.00% 4.64 S+105 S+105
A-3 AAA/Aaa 115.586 30.00% 6.86 S+135
A-4 AAA/Aaa 416.502 30.00% 9.6 S+115 S+110
A-M AAA/Aaa 92.95 20.13% 9.82 S+225 S+185
B AA/Aa2 44.711 15.38% 9.89 S+325
C A/A2 32.944 11.88% 9.89 S+425 S+385
D BBB-/Baa3 52.946

S+625 S+600

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