Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dozens of loans maturing in NYC over the next few years...

Don't get me wrong, but the headline is the equivalent of telling us that dozens of pigeons will relocated to Central Park over the next few years - it's just not attention grabbing enough.

But that didn't stop the writer of this report, so he added some misinformation to juice it up.

Such loans are typically held for five years

Which ones? CMBS? No, they're typically 10 year loans. There are some 5 and 7 year loans, and some shorter in the Floating-rate sector.

The borrowers will likely have to pay higher interest rates as well as contribute equity

Higher interest rates than when? 10-years ago? The spreads might be higher, but the true rates are probably lower or at least comparable (although they'll need to go outside the CMBS market to get funding right now). Additional equity? After 10-years of appreciation, on loans that do not have junior and mezz debt, will not need additional equity.

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