Monday, November 10, 2008

Isn't it about time for another line - Verizon Center 1095 AoA

Another hat-tip to CalculatedRisk, Verizon Center was in the NYTimes yesterday regarding tenancy issues, namely the largest tenants to sign leases are all backing out. If you stay long enough, you realize this is the Verizon Center (1095 AoA) that EOP sold to Blackstone at the exact pinnacle of the market. It is the largest loan in the GSMS 07-EOP deal.

Image Above: Verizon Center on the left, BOAT on the right

Honestly, by the end of the article I left a little confused by who occupied the building, who had dark space, if there were sublessors, etc. Obviously, though, the new owners were hoping for $130 psf and up for the primo space, and $100 and up for the rest... and they're lucky to get more than $95 for any of it now.

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