Monday, November 24, 2008

Fixed Income Spelling basics

Subprime, not sub-prime, which is an inferior cut of beef.

CMBS, not C.M.B.S, in fact, just don't put periods after any acronym and play it safe.

CMBS stands for Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities, not Collateralized MBS. Even if you're from the UK, you're still wrong.

CRE stands for Commercial Real Estate, not Consumer Real Estate - okay, maybe this is debatable.

Its Tranche, not Traunche - although I am in complete agreement that old texts show a 'u', we don't do that anymore, please stop.

Its okay to say Treasurys or Treasuries

Everyone understands that everyone else has not been living and breathing bonds the last couple of decades, but if you don't take the effort to do just basic research on a sector (which would reveal correct spellings and such), then don't expect anyone to give your article more than a passing glance.

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