Friday, April 3, 2009

Who is making and receiving mortgages -- Bank of Amerillwide

The fine researchers at Bank of Amerillwide put out a good list of loans and extensions, some of which were news to us. See below:

Macerich - Refied two mortgages, extended two. Shops at North Bridge received a $205 mm 7-year, 7.5% coupon mortgage from insurance money; it refies a $205 mm pari passu loan with a 4.67% coupon in LBUBS 2004-C6 and MSC 2004-IQ8, but the new DSCR is still roughly 1.89x using 3Q 08 annualized net cash flow numbers. On a separate unamed property, they closed a $115 million bank loan with a 2-year term floater at L+350 bps with a 5.25% floor.

Macerich also extend the $54 mm Inland Center in San Bernadino (LBUBS 2004-C2) loan all the way out to 2/2011 with a 50 bp coupon step-up every 6 months. BOMLW points out that this destroys the A2 holder who would have been paid down substantially had the loan paid off as scheduled. Again, the other extended loan remains unamed but received a 2-year extension as well.

The mention the two Simon malls in LBCMT 1999-C1 that we discussed yesterday.

Brandywine closed a $90 mm mortgage on a Philly office building taking out a soon to be maturing loan of $69mm. No further details.

Liberty also reported 6 separate loans funded by life insurance for a total of $317 mm. Half floaters and half fixed, with an all-in coupon of 7.1%.

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